Sing a wool wool song

"ding ding dong dong wool wool town" is the private children's song brand of escape velocity animation, is "wool wool town" series of children's animation derivative content.It is an animated nursery rhyme for preschoolers between the ages of 3 and 6. We pay attention to children's daily life, present the interesting details of children's life in the form of children's songs, guide children to develop good living habits, help them understand the nature and social life vividly, become the media for children to learn the world.Relying on the existing animation IP, children have a certain sense of intimacy to the pictures and characters. Supported by high-quality pictures that meet children's aesthetic standards for cartoons, high-quality music is presented, thus becoming a good musical enlightenment for children.This project attaches importance to the sense of rhythm of lyrics, melody simple repetition easy to understand, easy to remember.

episodes: 30 episodes in total.

running time: 1.5-2 minutes per episode.

launch date: 2020.


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