Tacit Blue

Tacit Blue is an original Sci-fi action 90 minutes feature animation and animated series for young audiences, with 13 episodes in the first season, 22 minutes each.

The story takes place in a future City of Sin in a galaxy, where most citizens have accepted a high level of body modification "cyborgs" to adapt the changes in daily life led by the development of science and technology, however, unclear weaponization of cyborgs and unknown riots threaten public security severely, which is suspected to be related with the Illum, an organization that has mastered the human body modification technology and is growing stronger day by day. To eliminate Illum and other criminal gangs, the Criminal Intelligence Section "CIS" establishes Tacit Blue as a mysterious force. Carl, the leader of Tacit Blue, fights against Illum with toil and blood, in order to unveil the conspiracy behind the weaponization of cyborgs and maintain regional security. When carrying out missions, every team member of Tacit Blue keeps tracking back their own past step by step and learning to face their dilemmas continually.

The work adopts the newly developed animation technology process of NPR, striving to achieve a nostalgic animation style. Meanwhile, out team cooperates with the most influential Chinese singers, talented voice performance artists and top music team to take the audience into a story full of laughter, tears and priceless warmth in a City of Sin.

This series is produced by Escape Velocity Animation Studio, Wenkai Duan as the director. The pilot will be released in the summer of 2019, and the first season will be officially launched in the second half of 2020.


1.Won the Best Animation award(Summer),Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2019

2.Won the Award of Merit Special Mention, Asian in Best Shorts,2019

3.Won the Honorable mention:SCI-FI of Los Angeles Film Award,2019

4.Won the Best animation,Gold Movie Awards,2019

5.Won the Award Winner of ConCarolinas Short Film Festival,2020

6.Won the Best Animation Film of Switzerland International Film Festival,2020

7.Nominated for Best Animation, Napoli - CortiSonanti International Short Film Festival,2019

8.Nomination of Best Animation Short Finalist,Rome Independent Prisma Awards,2019

9.Nominated for Best Animation,11th World Music& Independent Film Festival 2019

10.Shortlisted in the Around International Film Festival // Berlin Official Awards; Won the monthly Around International Prize,2019

11.Shortlisted in the New Wave Chinese Filmmakers and was played as the opening first film,LA Shorts International Film Festival,2019

12.Shortlisted The Best Animation Short Finalist ,Animaze - The Montreal International Animation Film Festival Short Competition,2019

13.Shortlisted In The 27th Anima Mundi,International Animation Festival of Brazil,2019

14.Shortlisted TOP 3 Of Animation Competition,Saturnia Film Festival,2019

15.Shortlisted The Animation Films,Beyond Earth Film Festival,2019

16.Shortlisted the Finalist in Animation Short (May), Monthly SHORT to the Point ISFF awards 2019

17.Shortlisted in Best Animation Short Film,Barcelona Planet Film Festival,2019

18.Shortlisted in Animation Official Competition, SciFi Film Festival 2019

19.Shortlisted in Animation Competition Showcase,Cinefantasy-International Fantastic Film Festival 2019

20.Shortlisted in Animation Category,Canberra Short Film Festival,2019

21.Shortlisted the Animation Short film of SAN JOSE INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS,2019

22.Shortlisted in Animated category,in the 35th Annual Boston Film Festival

23.Shortlisted in the "YESTERDAY WILL BE TOMORROW" programme,14th Animest Bucharest International Animation Film Festival

24.Shortlisted the Official Selection, Animation Short Films,Ravenheart International Film Festival 2019

25.Shortlisted in Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Film Festival(the annual October genre sidebar of the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival ),2019

26.Shortlisted Semi-Finalist, FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia,2019

27.Shortlisted in Best short animation, Cyber Sousa Award, Xiamen International Animation Festival,2019

28.Shortlisted in International Animation,Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu,2020

29.Shortlisted in Short Animation,The 15th Athens Animfest,2020

30.Shortlisted in Short Animation,Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival,2020

31.Shortlisted in Sci-Fi Short Film of Roswell Sci-Fi Film Festival,2020

32.Shortlisted in Semi-finalist of Burbank International FilmFestival,2020

33.Shortlisted in International Animated Short Films,London Super Shorts Film Festival

34.Shortlisted in Semi-Finalist,Open World Toronto Film Festival

35.Shortlisted in Animation,Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest,2020

36.Shortlisted in Best Animated Short,British Animation FIlm Festival

37.Shortlisted in Short Film – Science Fiction,American Something Wicked Film Festival

38.Shortlisted in Horror/Sci-Fi Serious, Crystal Palace International Film Festival,2021

39.Shortlisted in Anime/Animation Serious, Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival,2021


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