Kim and Jim's Wormhole(2019)

Kim and Jim’s Wormhole is a sci-fi comedy animation series targeting on audience aged 6-10. The first season has 26 episodes, with 22 minutes each. It tells the story of two kids living in a modern Chinese family. Kim, an 11-year old girl and her little brother Jim, a 7-year old boy who have accidentally created a space-time wormhole. Since then, extinct creatures from ancient times frequently visit their families and school, bringing a lot of trouble and fun into their lives.

Kim and Jim’s Wormhole is an animated work focusing on the life of contemporary Chinese families. Using the fantacy nature of animation, the work explores the joys and sorrows of contemporary children’s lives through humorous means, guiding children to better deal with various problems in life. At the same time, the sci-fi elements in the story sparks small audience’s interest in science.

Kim and Jim’s Wormhole is created by Escape Velocity Animation Studio. Dr. Lei Wang acts as the director and supervising screenwriter. Dan Wicksman, Nuria Wicksman, Don Gillies, Sib Ventress and Roger Eschbacher participate in the story development and English script writing. Mr. Kim Sung Jae, a famous Korean designer, is responsible for the design of biological roles. The theme song I Wanna Be With You is composed by Patrick Brasca, the famous young singer and songwriter of the film Kung Fu Panda 3.

Kim and Jim’s Wormhole was finalisted in the Ottawa International Animation and the Asian Television Forum (ATF) Animation Competition in Singapore. The distribution team is also working with multiple international animation channels and distribution companies for overseas distribution.


Top 5 in the Competition Unit of 18th Asia TV Forum & Market Animation Production

Top Ten in PITCH THIS Competition Unit, 2018 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada

2018 MIPJUNIOR The Representative Company of China Outstanding Animation Works

Shortlisted in the ANIMA – Córdoba International Animation Festival Commissioned Animation Competition,2019

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